List of products by brand CPC Production

Flexible truck tires - Ech. 1:43 - Ø30 mm - Singly sold

Sold individually
Tires to modify or build your Berliet GBO. This version was used on the Sahara GBOs made by Les Miniatures du Mont-Blanc (CPC)
Outer diameter: 30mm
Internal Ø: 17.50 mm
Thickness: 9.50mm

4 aluminum rims ø 10 mm - CPC Production

Aluminum rims for miniature cars machined in bar turning
outside ø: 10 mm
Inside ø: 4.50 mm (Diameter of the insert or the rivet)
hole ø: 2 mm
Thickness: 2.70 mm (7.00 mm with scope)
Depth: 0.70mm

2 plugs - Brass - ø2.50 X 0.70 mm - CPC Production
Plugs, headlight brackets or rivets. This piece can be used for several things. Manufactured by brass turning with a nickel-plating treatment
ø 2.50 mm
Thickness: 0.70 mm (without tail)
4 rims ø8.50 mm - Aluminum - CPC Production
4 aluminum rims made by CPC Production
outer ø: 8.50 mm
Inside ø (at the bottom, for the insert): 3.80 mm
Thickness: 3.80mm
Depth: 2.20mm
ø of the hole for the axis: 2 mm
4 Brass Rims + Nickel Plating Ø10 - CPC PRODUCTION
Brass rims manufactured by bar turning with a surface treatment: Nickel plating
outside ø: 10 mm
Inside ø: 9 mm (max. ø for the insert)
Depth: 1.60 mm (Maximum depth for the insert)
Width: 5 mm (Width for the tire)
Total width: 6mm
ø of the hole for the axis: 2 mm