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4 jantes ø10.50 mm - Laiton - CPC Production
Déstockage de jantes en laiton. Vendu en l'état
Défaut et bavure  sur le perçage au centre
ø extérieur : 10.50 mm
Épaisseur : 6 mm (6.25 mm avec la portée)
ø intérieur : 7.60 mm
Profondeur : 3.80 mm
Perçage pour l'axe : ø 2 mm
4 jantes ø9.20 - Laiton + Nickelage - CPC Production
Jantes en laiton avec un traitement de surface Nickelage
ø extérieur : 9.20 mm
Épaisseur : 3.50 mm (pour un pneu de 3.40) - Épaisseur totale : 5.50 mm
Perçage pour l'axe de roue : 1.50 mm
Airbrush gun - 1/32
This airbrush is a hybrid, it combines the precision of an airbrush with the ease of handling a spray gun. It is robust, ideal for surfacing. This airbrush works by gravity. Its maintenance is very simple and allows for thorough cleaning since the entire nozzle can be dismantled.
Double action airbrush - 1/32
This airbrush is dual action by gravity. It is characterized by its many settings. Its cleaning is very simple because the nozzle can be disassembled, ideal for those who do not always want to disassemble their airbrush. Which makes it easy to use.
Set of 6 professional tweezers - 1/32
Beautiful set of PRO tweezers. Great flexibility of use. 100% Antimagnetic. Will render you enormous services in all manipulations which require a lot of finesse.
Curved nose scissors - 1/32
Curved nose scissors In order to facilitate cuts in hard to reach places or on bent, curved or bent parts, we offer these curved nose scissors and in stainless steel to make you the task easier. L = 16 cm