Double action airbrush - 1/32
This airbrush is dual action by gravity. It is characterized by its many settings. Its cleaning is very simple because the nozzle can be disassembled, ideal for those who do not always want to disassemble their airbrush. Which makes it easy to use.
Airbrush gun - 1/32
This airbrush is a hybrid, it combines the precision of an airbrush with the ease of handling a spray gun. It is robust, ideal for surfacing. This airbrush works by gravity. Its maintenance is very simple and allows for thorough cleaning since the entire nozzle can be dismantled.
AERO Special third hand painting
Special Airbrush: Equipped with 6 plastic alligator clips to avoid damaging your models, this third hand will allow you to hold and maintain your creations in any position. You will be able to paint them easily with your hands free. The rods are malleable and can be deformed to adapt to any object. A steel base is provided to be able to place the magnetic base in such a way as to have ideal stability.